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I’m a PfCO licensed drone operator with a love for photography and film. With a BA honours degree in Communication Authoring and Design I’ve always had an eye for creativity and art. My mum a talented artist in her own right would argue it’s genetics. Given I’m self taught when it comes to photography and film she might be right.

Born and bred in Lytham St. Annes Lancashire, I spent my younger years travelling and have lived in a number of locations throughout the UK. Returning to my roots on the Fylde coast with my incredible wife to raise our two beautiful children.

Being located on the North West coast means we are blessed with stunning sea views and picture perfect sunsets. Whilst also being positioned a stone’s throw from places like the Lake District, every photographer’s dream location.

It is my intention to showcase these beautiful surroundings from an angle not often seen and to capture those magical moments.

I’ve been flying drones as a hobbyist for over 2 years, clocking hundreds of hours in flight time (as evident on my social network pages). Time that has allowed me to grow into a technically skilled, safety aware, professional operator.

I plan to continue to grow not only as a drone photographer/operator but also as a traditional photographer as well and I hope that people will join me on that journey.

I’m always happy for you to share my pictures and video as long as a credit is included and the material is unedited.

Here’s to making a dream a reality.

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